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MoonHolding’s purpose is to make investing engaging, not just for current investors but for newcomers alike.  We believe in utilizing atomic habits to make portfolio management obvious, attractive, and rewarding.

Features for the Future

MoonHolding’s is here to make this as frictionless as possible, engaging, and save you time with tools like our Calendar, Ranks and Badges, Insights, and portfolios that helps you make educated decisions.


NFT collection of 1600 NFTs on the Solana blockchain which will offer benefits to holders and users of the MoonHoldings web3 portfolio app.

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An ever-present force coursing through the very fabric of spacetime. Its far reaching effects envelope all; organisms, the universe, even thoughts and ideas succumb to its influence.

The MoonHolders were no exception. They were an advanced group of Sapiens who had escaped from their native planet of Earth seventy-five thousand years ago, evolving into a space-faring civilization known for their wealth, their secrecy, and most of all, their vast knowledge. A Type III Kardashev civilization; they were a race of beings who had totally mastered the ability to traverse space, to harness energy, and to build fortune.

This first generation of MoonHolders were viewed with suspicion by other Sapiens. They had embraced an evolved form of finance known as Crypto and used it to amass a huge amount of capital. The TradFi Sapiens shunned them and didn’t trust the fact that the MoonHolder’s wealth was not held by a centralised authority. They became pariahs - enemies of the state. In a case of life and death, the MoonHolders made a run for it and settled amongst the stars.

Over the past millennia, the MoonHolders have colonised a small corner of the Universe and set themselves the task of bestowing their knowledge on the remainder of the galaxies. There were different sects of the MoonHolder race who possessed varying skill sets. The Degeni’s were known for their courage and somewhat blind-faith. They were the riskiest day-traders of them all; willing to lose it all for the chance of making some unholy gains. The Diamondi’s were known for their zen-like patience and stoicism. They were able to weather even the harshest of financial winters and come out the other side unscathed. Then there were the Passivio’s, known for their laid back approach; they enjoyed making their money work for them. They could often be found lounging by a pool - safe in the knowledge that the wealth was ticking over. Finally, there were the Opportuni’s; known for their intelligence and ability to sniff out a good investment. Once they had found one, they’d allocate huge amounts of capital to it and watch it thrive.

The MoonHolders have become the most revered, and wealthiest race in the universe.

Do you have what it takes to join them?


Leon Gaban

17 years as a UI developer & investor in crypto since 2013. Startups, Agencies, Corporations. Built the UI for Chris Camillo’s TickerTags, data analytics platform sourcing actionable insights from social data (acquired by M Science)

Ajoy Thomas
Co-founder / Tech & Growth Advisor

14 years experience as CTO and CEO in the video ad space. CEO of VideoAmigo which processes 25MM channels and 1.2B video analytics on a daily basis.

Mitt Mehta
CFO / Finance Advisor

15 plus years of PE/VC backed portfolio companies. Helped accelerate startups at Y-Combinator and other incubators.

Von Alvaro Payumo
Lead Designer

Experienced Chief Experience Officer and Web3 Design and Development with 10 years of experience in managing and founding international startups, tech team management, system development and design.

Daniel Allon
Product & Business Advisor

Experienced Senior Product and technology professional engaged for over 10 years in international startups product management and R&D activities spanning from e-Commerce to analytics, web and machine learning.

Tony Schwartz
Creative Marketing Advisor

With over a decade of experience in marketing and branding, Tony is a seasoned expert in creating and executing innovative marketing strategies that drive growth and engagement.

Community Manager

Experienced Web3 Community Manager and Design Developer with 2 years of Software Quality Assurance Testing.